Quintin, Avery & Payden Painting

Quintin, Avery & Payden dropped by yesterday and did some serious art time painting!

Serenity Point Living Center Sunflower Workshop

We painted Sunflowers at the Serenity Point Living Center Tuesday afternoon.  Take a look at their wonderful works of art.


Leslie Heisey Photo Manipulation

Come into the gallery and see the photo manulation and acrylic pour paintings by Leslie Heisey.  We have new cards too!

Morning Sunflower Workshop

Look at all the sunflowers!

Paper Machѐ Pumpkin Painting

Everyone painted their own pumpkin and they all turned out so different and wonderful.

Townsend Triptych by Paul Putz

When Paul brought this in we were amazed at how spectacular it is.  A Triptych is an art piece displayed in three-hinged panels that fold to create a protective case.  A triptych has both ancient and modern applications but is best known for works produced in the early Christian church.  In Modern art, a work shown in three separate images with a unified theme can be referred to as a triptych.

David Reeves Photography

Stop by and see the photographs by David Reeves that arrived at the gallery today. 


Roses by Brynlee

Brynlee finished her painting of the roses she started a couple of weeks ago and she did a fantastic painting!

Townsend Fall Fest, Car Show

It turned out to be a wonderful day for the car show and the gallery adopted the car owners in front of the gallery.  The ladies especially appreciated the hot coffee and restrooms!