Old Baldy Adult Education and Artisans On Broadway Sponsoring a "Pebeo Mixed Media" Art Class

Artisans On Broadway and The Old Baldy Adult Education program through the Broadwater School District is sponsoring a "Pebeo Mixed Media" Art Class.  Pebeo Mixed Media is a painting media that creates different types of textured surfaces including a Stained Glass effect.

Workshop July 1, 2017

Darlene and Kay enjoyed the afternoon painting summer flowers in a window box.  This was the first time Kay had done an acrylic painting on canvas and she did a great job.

Bonnie Olsen

Friday afternoon Bonnie Olsen stopped by the gallery to drop off her beautiful tulip paintings.

Sip 'n' Paint June 30, 2017

Seven budding artists came to the Sip 'n' Paint and every single painting was a work of art and we had so much fun.

Scotty Came In Today to Paint

Scotty came to the Gallery this afternoon to visit. He ended up painting the Townsend Watertower. 

He had a great time and was very happy with his painting.