Special Events Parties

Artisans On Broadway is a great venue for having a Special Event Painting Party. Whether it's adults getting together for a special event, or a child's birthday party--a Painting Party is a fun way to celebrate or just socialize.

Pam will plan a painting event based on your Special Event theme.  If you need help putting up your decorations, she will help with that too and even open the Gallery at a special time.  Pam will work with you on whatever you need or just stay out of the way, if you prefer.

Contact Pam Sample to discuss having your next Special Event at the Artisans On Broadway Gallery!



Harper Wolfgram Birthday Party

 Harper Wolfgram Birthday Party - Painting their own special versions of Harper's Kitty. The party had a Kitty Theme.

Brynlee Brown Birthday Party


Brynlee Brown Birthday Party - Painting their own creations on Terra Cotta Flower Pots. The party had a Mermaid Theme.